Pregnancy – How Bowen Therapy Can Help

The Bowen Therapy is an innovative hands-on technique that can play an important role in the health care of the mother and baby during all stages of pregnancy.

The Bowen Technique is one of the only therapies that can be performed in its entirety with the patient sitting or lying on their side and up to labour.

During pregnancy the mother has to adapt to provide space for the growing baby. Ligaments will soften and her weight will increase. This will affect her centre of gravity and her posture creating stresses and strains throughout the body.

The spine and pelvis are particularly vulnerable areas during pregnancy, with expected mothers suffering from pubic symphasis, sacroiliac pain, achy legs or any of the below conditions:

• Backache
• Sciatica
• Headaches
• Fatigue
• Nausea/ dizziness
• Breathlessness
• Heartburn
• Pain under ribs

The common pregnancy pains and discomfort are easily and gently relieved almost immediately with this therapy and it is very relaxing for the expected mother.

Birth is a natural process, although it can be tiring for the mother and baby. During birth, the pelvis and coccyx are put under immense pressure, this can cause a shift or alter their alignment especially with assisted births.

This can inhibit the mother’s body from recovering to its natural state quickly, bring about lower back pain, sciatica and even neck pain.

It takes time for these structures to strengthen after birth due to hormonal changes, therefore they are highly susceptible to injury during this time.

Bowen has shown to increase the rate in which the tissues are restored to normality.

The treatment does not hurt and 100% safe, it has no contraindications. The treatment itself works by releasing tension within muscles by working over trigger point areas of the body. Alternative would be looking at the grocery bag where you have few other bags with different vegetables and fruits. When some if it get sticky within the bags it has no sliding motion in the grocery bag. Same is with muscles. Generally muscles should slide and glide, when we have those movements we have full range of movement in our system. When we have sluggish range of movements this is when those bags became thick and sticky, and when tissues start swelling and dehydrating. This in itself creates a lot of restriction within the body, pain, aches, stiffness which overtime resorts in sciatica or nerve’s restriction.

What I do in my treatments?

Initially I look in balancing the skeletal system of the body, accessing left and right, accessing range of movements of your joints . Than after this the Bowen treatment.

The treatment works on releasing this tensions within the tissue allowing it back to move more smoothly together. And treatment itself last one hour and I work throughout whole body.

In pregnant women a body is going through very rapid change. The body always try to come to balance. Our muscles and tissues can only stretch to certain degree. Over time, especially in the second trimester this stretch becomes quite stiff, achy and heavy for a mother. So the Bowen treatment helps to relief this , it also helps to increase space for the baby in the womb that is really beneficial for the mother especially in the 2nd trimester. It optimises growth of the baby, also helps keep everything free: feeing you in pelvis, Psoas muscle. And it is more likely you would have natural birth. In the 1st trimester Bowen is amazing for fatigue, lack of energy, nausea, and in general health keeps your body in maintenance.

Through 3rd trimester as your baby grows you have more discomfort in pelvis because everything start stretching, your ligaments and joints start hurting, even swelling. Bowen treatment again helps your lymphatic system within body work more correctly and releases tensions within tissues. It helps by freeing your movements than baby can turn to his optimal position.

There are endless benefits to baby as well, to name few: it prepares baby for outside world, helps to position baby to it optimal correct position, helps baby to absorb correct amount of nutrients for optimal growth. After birth Bowen treatment helps mother quickly heal, strength ligaments and help to put stomach muscles back as they should be. For baby Bowen can help with colics, constipation, respiratory infection, sucking problems and more.

You can read what is Bowen Therapy here.

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