Let some of our clients share their personal experience with you in their own words:

Back Pain Relief

My wife and I lived on acreage. Back in 2011 we had some wild weather that brought down an old Ironbark tree during the night. I went out the next morning with my chainsaw to clean up the mess, and after a short while working my right leg slipped out from under me on the wet ground, not by much, but enough to wrench my lower back. The resulting pain immobilised me almost completely. I was barely able to make it to the car where my wife drove me to the Elena’s clinic.

She was helpful, caring and friendly and before I knew it I had been professionally diagnosed and I was lying on the treatment table being pampered with comforting and relaxing environment, while Elena worked on the injuries I had advised to her, and ones that I was not even aware of!

After being treated, I left the clinic able to walk free of any impediment or pain, I was in fact in better condition than before I hurt myself!

Now any time I hurt myself, I know where to go. And it does not cost the earth!

Finally Relief After 30 Years of Suffering from Migrains

I had suffered from crippling migraines for more than thirty years, which many doctors (including specialists) had been unable to diagnose correctly and only been able to have my symptoms alleviated by the use of opiate based medicines. A good friend told me of the marvellous results he had experienced by attending the Elena’s Bowen Practice, so I was curious and after a while I went along. I did not expect much given the amount of time and money spent with standard treatments…

Boy was I in for a surprise! After the first visit my pain had been reduced dramatically and stayed reduced for three days before I had to start taking the pain killers again. So I went back the next week for another treatment, and this time the pain left completely for five days until coming back again! The week after that the pain was gone and did not come back!!

For a fraction of the cost I would have spent on specialists in the past, I was actually pain free and not having to deal with the side effects of the narcotic medication that I had been dependent on.

Thank you Elena, you have literally changed my life.

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