Bowen Therapy For Back Pain

It seems like back problems in our society seems have reached almost epidemic proportions. Back problems are so common there’s someone in almost every family who’s affected by a bad back.

Back problems aren’t limited to elderly people, the unfit or people who have sustained injuries to their backs; they seem to affect everyone including school children and their parents.

What’s so worrying about back problems is that they’re often extremely painful, so much so that people miss work or school because of the pain. I have a few theories about why back problems are so common in our modern society which include too much time spent hunched over computer screens, bad posture and lack of mobility.

Our bodies were designed to move, so staying in one position for too long, often for hours a day over weeks or even years is almost bound to cause problems. To avoid future back problems I recommend my clients by do lots of walking, take micro-breaks if they work on a computer (it’s not just your eyes that get tired) and stretch daily.

But if you’ve got a back problem already The Bowen Tecnique may be the answer.

Lower back problems

Lower back problems including injuries to the coccyx (at the base of the spine), bulging discs and degenerative diseases are often extremely painful and people with these types of problems may even be recommended for back surgery.

Surgery is only used as a last resort, for any medical condition but many people who come to me for Bowen therapy find that their lower back pain is eased and often greatly improved in between one and three sessions.

Check out this Bowen success story which is a great example. Bowen Success Story .

Upper back problems

Upper back problems can make everyday tasks like getting dressed, brushing your hair or even driving painful. It’s almost impossible to enjoy life when every day movements cause pain but Bowen therapy is highly effective for treating upper back problems, reducing pain and allowing people to move freely again.


Sciatica is an extremely painful back condition that can send sharp shooting pains down from the lower back into the buttocks, thighs, calves and toes. It can affect anyone and is quite common especially in pregnant women. Sciatica often restricts movement which can result in limping which then leads to all more complications and can keep people out of work. Bowen therapies can successful treat sciatica, most often with permanent results after between one and three sessions. Chronic aliments may need further sessions, depending on how long the problem has been present.


People will lumbago or lumbar problems will typically try any type of therapy they can find to try to ease the pain and regain mobility in their back. Some therapies may provide temporary relief but Bowen therapy can bring about permanent results easing lumbago and other lumbar problems permanently.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulders can be painful to move or touch and may be successfully treated in three Bowen sessions or fewer with excellent long term results.

If you have back problems it’s not just your physical health that suffers because high levels of pain can affect you mentally causing stress and depression too. But anyone can get back problems, even the famous adventurer and Man Vs. Wild star Bear Grylls who broke his back in a parachute jump and describes his treatment with Bowen therapy by East Sussex-based Bowen therapist Sarah Yearsley in the UK like this:

“With the slightest squiggle of her fingers, it felt like petrol was being put back in my tank and I could feel all the stress seeping away.”

Grylls now describes himself as ‘hooked’ on Bowen therapy and has treatment every month.

Some people with chronic back problems, a twisted back or pelvis like Grylls do enjoy regular Bowen treatments but it depends the severity of your back problem. The most important thing to know is that Bowen therapy can successfully treat most back complaints, from the slightest tweak to the most back chronic conditions.

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