Chronic and debilitating back and neck pain in a 75-year-old female

June has structural upper body scoliosis. She had a long history of chronic and debilitating back and neck pain.
Assessment of tonal asymmetry revealed a shortening of the right leg (about 2 cm) and positive test for cervical involvement. Palpation of the lumbar region revealed significant spasm and tension in the paraspinal tissue, neck felt as made of concrete.
This is her 2nd consequent session.
When the body is not in natural alignment, stronger muscles become necessary to hold the body in its unnatural position.
It is this alignment of the spine along the central axis and the position of the bones in relationship to each other that determines whether one will experience back pain or not. Indeed, muscle development can interfere with a quality of relaxed strength that is essential for living in a comfortable, pain-free body.
After the treatment June presented with symmetry. I remarked that her neck felt normal to me now, and not as if it was made of concrete. She told me she couldn’t believe how much better she was. She said that when she thought about how much she had improved, she felt as if she could cry.
Photos: Before session feet different length & After session feet symmetry achieved
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