Bowen Therapy and the Inner Voice!

Clients often comment that after a Bowen Therapy session they feel much more connected to their body’s biomechanics, emotions and gut instinct.

How many times have you said to yourself “I knew I should not have done that” and then suffered the consequences of your actions!

Whether it is sporting activities, work situations or just everyday events there is always a little voice in your head guiding you in the right direction.

We start off life as 2 cells that multiply to become approximately 75-100 trillion cells that make up our body. Each cell is dedicated to our self-preservation, there is no alterior motif their sole purpose is enabling us to have the longest, healthiest and relatively pain free life we can – giving us the best possible quality of life.

As our cells do not have the ability to speak verbally they have had to find other ways of communicating with us.

Over thousands of years Mother Nature has taught our cells the best way to communicate with us. It would seem that pain, gut instinct, intuition and emotions are the most effective means of having this non-verbal conversation with us.

Unfortunately our ability to listen to these subtle messages is often overlooked, the messages are not heard or we chose to ignore that little voice in our head as it usually means that a life change or a shift of some description is required.

Self-preservation is our body’s prime objective and our cells will go to great lengths to make us listen – often resulting in pain to get our attention. In a lot of cases pain is the only message most of us listen to, and by the time we are listening loud and clear there are additional compensatory factors affecting the body that must now also be addressed.

Remember all the times when you entered into a situation and the little voice in your head was screaming, “Don’t do it! Don’t go there!” If you chose to ignore it there was a consequence for your actions where you ended up with an injury or in a compromised situation.

I encourage you to listen to the warning signs your body is giving you – it is your cells trying to alert you and keep you safe! This is called your sympathetic nervous response.

I urge you to listen to your cells – remember their sole purpose is dedicated to you – your wellbeing and longevity. Their inner knowledge and ability to warn you of a bad situation is phenomenal.

Be guided by your body’s knowing – the knowledge of your cells their innate intelligence. They know you better than you know yourself and they know what it takes to keep you safe!!!

I have found Bowen Therapy to be a great mediator for tuning you in to your body, and enhancing inner knowledge and awareness of yourself.

At any one time all of the body’s cells must be in communication with each other to be able to initiate a full body sympathetic response to remove you from a dangerous situation. If the cells are not communicating correctly your response will be compromised.

Bowen Therapy influences our cells in such a subtle yet profound way by facilitating a gentle yet slightly conflicting message into the tissues. The message that moves across the tissue alerts the body that there has been a change in tissue direction, tension and perception. This initiates a reset response and integrates the information into the cells that is then communicated throughout the body via the fascial network at lightning speed to create a response in the effector organs.

The human body is a miracle and should be treated as such; Bowen Therapy respects this miracle helping to enhance a unique healing response.

Listen to your cells; they serve you well!!!

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