Bowen Therapy For Back Pain

It seems like back problems in our society seems have reached almost epidemic proportions. Back problems are so common there’s someone in almost every family who’s affected by a bad back. Back problems aren’t limited to elderly people, the unfit or people who have sustained injuries to their backs; they… Continue reading

Bowen Therapy For Shoulder Problems

Lately there were few people that came to see me with shoulder problems: restricted movement, bursitis, frozen, torn ligaments and muscles. Some of them were even argumentative with me about their treatment, that I should be concerned just with their shoulder and leave along their back and pelvis. So, I… Continue reading

PMS, Period Pains – How Bowen Therapy Can Help You

Periods can leave women doubled over in unbearable pain due to cramping, and that’s alongside the many other side effects of a period such as, bloating, problematic skin, tender breasts and mood swings. So what exactly causes period pain? Known medically as dysmenorrhoea, Period pain is caused by contractions within the… Continue reading

Headaches and Migraines – How Bowen Therapy Can Assist You

  A headache or cephalgia is pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck. The brain tissue itself is not sensitive to pain because it lacks pain receptors. Rather, the pain is caused by disturbance of the pain-sensitive structures around the brain. Nine areas of the head… Continue reading

Supplementing with Selenium Reduces Cancer Risks – Dr. Joel Wallach

In this video Dr. Wallach once again discusses cancer. Contending that a study in the early 1900s found that taking selenium supplements reduces the risk of all cancers. Also citing several pre-screening tests don’t prevent diseases or deaths. Stating that doctors only do them to pad their wallets using the patient… Continue reading